Last night, I was invited to speak @pioneerworks to give a different perspective about why people color their hair and why identity is important. Listening to Claudia Rankine, Jonathan Gray, and Jennifer Uleman talk about blondness (as a marker of whiteness) was eye opening. I definitely will think more in what I do as a haircolorist and ask more questions🙏 it was amazing to hear different perspectives in one room and I'm so grateful to have been a part of that. Thank you so much @camillecrain for thinking of me😭, @mauroof for being there in the front and helping me with my speech❤️, and @nadirahology @eliasefraim @el_cuyjet@fazeelataslam @__jinx for being a part of this. Thank you @hairstorystudio for allowing me to use the space and the support. Thanks to all of my clients for trusting me. What you do does impact others, and it was why I was on stage last night. 🙏

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Hairpainting Dustin Heath, originally from a small town on the island of O'ahu. "Growing up, I was always told I was a dreamer, as I spent most of my time catching waves in the Pacific. Where I'm from haircuts start at $10, so when I told my family I wanted to be a hairdresser, they said I'd never be financially stable. so, I moved to New York, to show them with the right determination you can land any wave." -Dustin Heath.

Film by Michelle Tsiakaros


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Watercolor hair on Adi Eytan. A meditative process and one of my favorite journey to remove natural pigment and create something magical through chemistry. Color has definitely taught me patience, mindfulness, and to breathe through every step of the process. This process is always vulnerable for my friends because I'm removing their hair color pigment, which is why it's important that I make each one feel comfortable and enjoy the journey together. It's a journey one must be open to do before making the decision to bleach their hair. The ending is always rewarding 🙏 Films by Michelle Tsiakaros

Adi Eytan, 24 years old, lives in Bushwick, originally from Israel. Yoga and meditation teacher. In the past few years she has shifted from performance into meditation, which she defines as a personal transformation from the external artistry to the internal artistry. She never would have thought that coming to New York as an extremely ambitious and hungry dancer, will lead her instead into becoming a devoted practitioner of meditation that like to spend most of her time in philosophy study-groups and silence retreats.