About Julia Elena

Julia frequently refers to a mantra she wrote to remind herself why she does what she does: "One of my purposes in life is to make women feel as beautiful as they are on the inside. All women have the freedom to do that, and it is a privilege to have this gift to share."

Julia Elena was born and raised in Louisiana and trained at Aveda Cosmetology School. Color has always been a valued part of her life; she has been fascinated by the color spectrum since she could pick up a crayon. “There isn’t a color that is the same. They might seem similar, but look closely and you can see a collection of shadows and light, cool tones and warm tones — it’s magical.” Julia moved to New York five years ago to pursue her career as a hair colorist; Refinery29 named her as one of “NYC Colorists Who Will Give you the Best Hair of Your Life.” Julia’s mission is an important one, she helps her clients realize their true identity through hair color. She is thankful to be able to empower them and to be a part of their journey. Julia plans to stay in New York for a while, but her ultimate goal is to travel the world coloring hair, teaching and collaborating with talented like-minded individuals. In her free time she loves salsa dancing and painting with watercolor and acrylic on canvas.

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